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Healthcare Solutions


a zero install, browser independent HTML5 based medical image viewer accessible via web environment serving as a key component of Medical Image Sharing System.... more


Xeron PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is available as a Standalone, Departmental or Enterprise level solution.
Standalone - solution... more

Medical Image Sharing System

Xeron MISS (Medical Image Sharing System) offers convenience, security, and instant access to medical images via cloud for.. more


Comtopsy is a combined word of “computerized” & “autopsy,” meaning postmortem image diagnosis using CT scan or MRI. It is one of the first such products in the market... more


e-CTIMS stands for “electronic Clinical Trial Image Management System”. It is an international standard based IT solution supporting the entire process of clinical trials... more

My Health Diary

What if there’s a system able to recognize activities a human performs? What if it also tracks human’s vital health parameters unobtrusively? What if it is designed to that... more

Security Solutions

Fog Reduction

Xeron’s Fog Reduction System is an embedded H/W product which provides advanced image enhancement in real-time using video streaming data. The system includes robust adaptive algorithm to compensate diverse noises such as fog... more

Video Analytics

Xeron Video Analytics (XVA)is being created as a result of a joint R&D cooperation between Korea and USA, and fuses the best technologies and awareness of problems Video Analytics users face in their daily... more



Upon establishment in 2005, Xeron Healthcare Corporation started with provision of high quality PACS...more